Tips for playing multiple online poker tournaments at the same time

The possibility that the internet offers us to play several poker tournaments at the same time, has been a total revolution. Years ago, it would be unthinkable that players could be able to multiply their profits several times just by playing at several tables, which in live tournaments is totally impossible, you cannot be in two places at the same time! Click here for situs judi online.

Most of the great professional players of today have managed to obtain a large bankroll and get more and more prizes thanks to the possibility of playing in several competitions at the same time, in all the existing modalities.

You can play as many poker tournaments as you want

Online poker rooms generally don’t put a cap on how many different poker tournaments you can play at the same time. You are obviously going to set the limit yourself, depending on your ability to play, in addition to other abilities such as attention, skill, available computer equipment, etc

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The most advisable thing in these cases is that you play in several tournaments that are not multi-table, to avoid having too many changes that would harm your game. For example, if you dedicate yourself to playing double or nothing tournaments, play as many as you want, but only double or nothing. It is also not convenient that you mix modalities. In the example above, it would be not playing double or nothing and classic sit and go at the same time. Visit this site for situs judi online

The ability to play multiple tables is greatly improved if you know that you only have to use a common strategy for all the tables. If you played several modalities, you would end up not knowing what to do at each of the open tables.

Professionals play with multiple screens

To play several poker tournaments at the same time, the first limitation we have is the physical space of the screen of our PC. Professionals solve it by installing several screens on their computers, but to get there, you must first practice a lot by playing a small number of tables.

Starting gradually

This is vital. For example, once you have mastered the game, try playing two tournaments at the same time, and when you feel comfortable, and you see that you manage to adapt, go up to three, and so on. If you see that there comes a time when it is very difficult for you, it is better that you return to a previous level until you master it perfectly, and try again with one more table.

If you manage to play a relatively large number of tables, you will see your winnings rise exponentially and in much less time.