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There are “n” number of websites and apps available in the market nowadays for Gambling, which can be accessed from anywhere and by anyone via almost anything which can benefit its users with some real money. Yes, you heard it correctly, REAL MONEY. One of them which are trusted by thousands of users in Thailand, China, and many other countries throughout Asia is Stars77, to access this platform please on this link; URL: But as we all know every coin has two sides so does online casino gaming too. In today’s world nobody can be trusted, and then how apps or websites which can be operated by anyone sitting at the other end of the world be genuine, to safeguard you from such fraudulent in the world of online casino games, here are few pro tips to keep in mind while playing online casino/ gambling games:

Legal Aspects Online casino gambling includes real money, which can further relate to several legal aspects of the particular region that varies from country to country. That’s why make sure before beginning to involve in such activities. Even if you sign up ignoring the fact that it may be illegal in the country, the casino won’t be held responsible for any legal trials thereof and the user might be punishable.

Play Casino Slots Online

Live chat/ After-sales services One of the major requirements to trust any website or app is their after-sales services. As you are involving your real money in this process which might lead you to loss thereof, in such scenarios live chats or customer care stands as the last resort to the online gamers. So try to reach the customer care of the website and see how responsive they are towards your concern.

Transparency in transactions How they accept (mode of payment) money and how they pay your winnings to you shows their interest in business, which is very cloudy. It should be transparent from both sides; sometimes online casinos hold their users’ winnings to mint in their next transaction which is not acceptable. Stars77 offers a wide range of payment offers to vary from card to UPI and much more.

Try and error method One thing to always keep in mind while playing online games is DO NOT GIVE AWAY your trust to any website easily, play many games with small-small amounts that even if it fraud it does not affect your pocket that much. Try to check whether the game is scripted/ framed or not, shuffling of the card is needed to be checked.