Dealing Cards and Betting Rounds in Poker

The game of poker is a popular card game. That has several rules and terms associated with it.

If you want to play poker, then you should be well aware of how cards are dealt and betting rounds on Agen Judi Online poker websites.

When the cards are dealt initially then players are called upon to act turn by turn in a clockwise manner. Every player can perform one of the below-mentioned actions:

  1. Check: this means that the player declines the opportunity to bet. The check can be done only if there is no bet placed in the round and then the turn passes clockwise to the next person. If all the players on the table check then they remain in the hand and the round is completed.

  1. Bet: the player is allowed to bet if no other player has placed a bet in the round. If a bet is placed then all other players will have to ‘call’ with a bet matching the bet amount of the player, so that they can remain in the hand.
  2. Fold: players that have folded forfeited their cards and cannot act again or win during the hand.
  3. Call: players can call if a player has bet during a round. The calling player should match the highest amount of bet made.
  4. Raise: a player can raise if other players have placed their bet in the current round. This requires the player that has raised to match the bet with the highest amount and then he can place a greater one. All other players are then required to call or re-raise to stay in the game.

Betting rounds of different Agen Judi Online poker games are different and one should understand each game before planning their strategy.